Payroll is essential to any company, which employs staff. Our experience in running payrolls not only includes preparing weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls, but also includes calculating payrolls for hourly paid staff.

The responsibility of managing payroll extends beyond depositing net wages into employees’ bank accounts. It also involves submitting payroll information to HMRC on or before the employees are paid, reporting and paying HMRC for the PAYE and NI, which have been deducted from the employees pay and submitting year end reports to HMRC. Calculating the correct amount of holiday pay, especially for hourly paid staff, is also an important part of running payrolls.

If a company is quite small, the payroll function is very often combined with a Human Resources function, which involves writing contracts for employees and ensuring that the company has all the correct documentation on file to legally employ its’ staff.

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Examples of our work

  • Managing payroll for 600 hourly paid staff
  • Accruing holiday pay for hourly paid staff
  • Preparing and submitting P11D’s

If you would like to find out more about our Payroll service, please contact Christine Morrell on 07789 555785 or