Project Management

Many companies have projects or new systems, which they want implemented, but they do not have the necessary resources to implement the projects themselves.

These projects and systems can range from multi million pound building projects, to the implementation of a new accounting or payroll package, to the introduction of a new reporting system to improve and enhance the efficiency of existing reporting systems.

Alternatively some companies run projects themselves and need the costs monitored, to ensure that they do not exceed their budgets.

In addition to designing new systems, our business can also help implement them, monitor the costs and provide staff training.

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Examples of our work

  • Creating a fixed asset register for 450 vehicles
  • Creating a fixed asset register for all the company’s vehicles, plant and machinery, furniture and fixtures and lease improvements
  • Introducing new spreadsheet systems for controlling the costs of projects
  • Introducing new spreadsheet systems to facilitate in the consolidation and reporting of monthly accounts and profit forecasts
  • Implementing new accountancy and payroll software and upgrading existing systems
  • Introducing spreadsheet templates to show the costs and profitability of contracts
  • Developing, managing and implementing a new clocking in phone system for hourly paid staff


If you would like to find out more about our Project Management service, please contact Christine Morrell on 07789 555785 or